Words are Powerful

They can make you smile. They can make you weep.
Contracts stand and fall on words, as do relationships.
If you’ve got a story to tell – tell it well, tell it succinctly, tell it now.
Use the right words.



Hello. I’m Hannah



Do you – or does your business – need a story told?

Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m a writer with a decade of journalism and public relations experience. I help people – and companies – tell their stories in press releases, website copy, marketing material, profiles and long-form communications like publications and whitepapers.

I love writing communications that people actually want to read. I love writing powerful stuff that moves people. And I also love writing about good people, business and work (so enquire about my special charity and social enterprise rates). Let me help you take the pain out of communications and add apostrophes where they are meant to go



I am a keen writer who has explored a variety of topics – from social issues.Emergency services and health, to business, legal and property – and writing styles, including newspapers, feature stories, magazine articles and a variety of marketing communications. To see the work I’ve completed during employment

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Here are some of the projects I have worked on in a freelance capacity

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I’ve recently travelled around a number of Asia-Pacific countries (Japan, Hawaii, Singapore, Thailand) for four months as part of a Global Leaders’ scholarship, learning about phronetic (wise) leadership on an international scale – studying a variety of topics.

From capital markets to Socrates and Confucius, and international IP law to global economics. We’ve also spent four months working on a capstone project addressing an issue we are passionate about. Mine is about suicide reduction.

I have established a charity called Nappkin, which aims to reduce both elder and post-natal depression by facilitating intergenerational events and, eventually, Surrogate Grandparents.

You can follow the birth of Nappkin on Facebook.

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